"PROGONIA" album
// BRANDNEW Record "Progonia" is out now //
5 Song LP as CD comes with 2 fancy "STICKS-Stickers".

1. Sugino Desert
2. Araya The Crystal City
3. Mikashima Forest
4. Hatta Cave
5. The Castle Of King Kashimax


"Walking With The King" album
4 page Digipac incl. 35x22cm full color 2 page Inlay and 2 Stickers.
CD comes in black vinyl look and feel.

1. Massage Con Cac
2. Your Cities Will Lie In Ruins
3. Men Of Duty
4. Pictures Of Innocence
5. Second Order Observation
6. Resistant
7. Star Castle

"Morgeneul Magone" EP
CD - 3 Song EP // SOLD OUT!
Available "only" as Download via Bandcamp.
1. One Two Three // feat. Sam Dale on vocals
2. Kptn Squirt // feat. Sam Dale on vocals
3. Star Castle // feat. Sam Dale on vocals

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